White paper présentation de l'Élastochain

I - Introduction


     Elastochain is the name given to the first art work backed up with the support of a public Blockchain. It is presented in the form of an information technology procedure  of which the intention is to accompany and celebrate the event of Elastogenesis.

     Elastogenesis is a theory of flexibility and fluidity invented by Richard Texier in 2011. Since then, the artist has created multiple art works in the form of sculptures, paintings and computer generated images with the aim of embodying the concept of Elastogenesis and exploring it's visual power. The nature of this force, as well as it's pertinance in artistic and scientific disiplines is described in his Elastogenesis Manifesto published in the spring of 2018 by Editions Fata Morgana (ISBN 978-2-37792-030-3).

     For the first time since the inception of the system, Elastochain attempts to add a purely artistic intention to the Blockchain, and in doing so, celebrate the union of art and technology. With this aim in mind he proposes the use of the Ethereum decentralised exchange system. In Greek mythology, Ether, a unit of measurement of Ethereum, was equally a primordial divinity. Today it enables us to operate intelligent autonomous programmes « smart contracts » which execute automatic actions « perceptions »,validated in advance by interested parties or stakeholders. What better a defintion of contemporary art than the combination of its labyrinthic artistic process combined with it's planetary economy?

II - Values

1 - Art

    Elastochain, is, by essence, a work of art since the artist Richard Texier created it as such. Art detains its' legitimacy through the intention of the artist. The expression of the intellect, conjugated with the sensitivity of the artist creates the identity of the work, and affirms its' artistic singularity and uniqueness. Art occupies all new programmes and ideas, using every avant garde medium to prosper and promote its' message in every possible form. This includes the Blockchain which primarily is not a space dedicated to art.

     The Elastochain has however chosen it express itself in the alien territory of the Blockchain using all the possible forms of artistic expression. Moreover it embodies  the radical and poetic aims of the Elastogenesis Manifesto. The integral text, published by Fata Morgana will thus will forever engraved in the very heart of the Blockchain.

2 - Purity  

     The digital elegance of Elastochain will guarantee its' beauty. The evidence of its' artistic nature will equally be present in the careful writing which preceeded its' creation. Don't we say that certain mathematical equatios are so perfect that they are beautiful?

3 - Altruism

     Altruism is one of Elastochains' cardinal vertues.

     A large part of the tokens which will make up Elastochain will be freely distributed in the form of a wide scale « Airdrop » 

     A chain of handpicked ambassadors will be carefully chosen. 


     The aim of this radical choice is to allow the interested beneficiaries to take the iniative of establishing an esthetic « value » of the Elastochain  in relation to the principles of the nature of Elastogenesis. Thus no work can be imposed arbitrarily.

     The work in its' artistic intentions will simply be suggested or proposed for the appreciation and acceptation of the token beneficiaries. In each case this will create a dynamic for the future of the system. Will it become a monetary exchange system, or a sophisticated protocol dedicated to art? Or will it become a vast participative platform?

     In reality noone can predict the destiny of a work of art.

III - Smart contract, token attribution conditions  

     At the initial launch the distribution of a part of the emitted 11 million tokens will be attributed via an « airdrop » to carefully selected ambassadors. These mandated representatives who believe in the cohesive and resolutive nature of this force will organise the expansion themselves in the form of an artistic pollination of the public Blockchain. These carefully selected ambassadors chosen by the team of founders will each receive 300 tokens. 

     Each of them, chosen for their qualities, will commit to a moral contract and endorse the three following principles.

  1. To spread and propogate the concept of Elastogenesis by means of social and professional interaction.
  2. To promote the Elastochain, to inform and reinforce its reputation, and to encourage its' use.
  3. To establish a list of a maximum of 30 contacts who will belong to the ambassadors' personal network and who will assist in the propagation of the concept.


     At the end of the « Airdrop » the remaining tokens will be dispersed and open for aquisition.The tokens will thus follow their own destiny separate from that of the artist who conceived them., Their life, and their path to be kept, exchanged or sold or in any way the owners wish  

     This again is tangible proof of Elastogenesis in action. The very elasticity of their use will allow their owners to do with them, what they will. Their journey will only  spread the larger principles of Elastogenesis for years to come.